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Sell Your Music!

It shouldn't cost more than you'll make to get your music out there!
My main goal is to help you make a profit on your music.

I can't guarantee that you will make a profit after the expenses of recording, making CD's, advertising, and everything else you have done to get your music out there. I can, however, provide a greatly discounted service. And, you can opt to be paid after each sale.

What you get
  • A personalized album page including band info, album info, music clips (optional), lyrics (optional), and links. It will convert to a personalized band page, with links to, if you register more than one album.
  • Notice about every sale, including buyer information.
  • Pay after every sale. No week long wait. Paypal or check.
  • Advertising. Every album has the opportunity to be featured on the homepage and in AlbumHut ads.
  • A buy now button to post on your other sites.
  • A private account with your chosen password to view all of your transactions.

How to get started

If you need your album manufactured I recommend using Oasis Manufacturing for CDs, although homemade albums are welcome. Shrinkwrap is not required.
For each album send three tapes, vinyl records, CDs or DVDs and I will put two up for sale on my website, keeping one for my records (to review the music and to get information and any art/music that you want added to your page).
There are no registration fees.
AlbumHut keeps only $4 per item sold.
Part of the money is used for shopping cart transaction fees. Part of the money is used to reduce the cost of shipping for customers, in order to stay competitive with the other companies who charge you more to offer free shipping.

Why is it so cheap?

The market rate seems to be over $20 for set up and  $4 per sale. Many talented artists are losing money selling CDs online, while the people running the websites are (at those prices hopefully) making a lot of total profit. Some people think that it is only fair, as if indie artists are only vanity recorders. The truth, however, is that the music market is flawed in various aspects. Many struggling artists deserve to be making a profit and the market place deserves exposure to their exceptional art.


Registered bands can be featured on by having their shows and/or posted. Please email if interested in being featured on All albums submitted will be considered for inclusion in AlbumHut advertising materials and for the feature album spot on the Albumhut homepage.

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